Traveling in the Construction Industry

Take Your Job Skills on the Road

You have a passion for staying on the go. Fuse that passion into your work. Contractors & Builders offers construction jobs that give you the chance to travel across towns, states and the country. With our traveling construction jobs, you choose where you work. Our thorough placement process means you find work that fits the bill.

And it doesn’t matter what construction trade you’re in or what experience you have. Whether you’re a carpenter or painter, an apprentice or master – there’s a job for you. With C&B, you have jobs that are custom-built for your skills and career path. But C&B gives you more than just a job. Perks to working with C&B on traveling jobs in the construction industry include:

  • See New Places: Work in new areas you’ve never been to before.
  • Get to Know Like-Minded People: Meet workers who share your skills and passion for workmanship. And build connections with various companies across the United States.
  • Expand Your Skills While You Expand Your Horizons: With our travel construction jobs, your opportunities aren’t limited to your local community.
  • Add More Flexibility to Your Work Life: Work on construction jobs and projects that offer flexible schedules.
  • Earn Pay That You Deserve: Get excellent pay, especially for after-business-hours shifts.
  • Reap the Benefits: Secure a worker benefits package offered through C&B.
  • Work Project to Project: Once the project is complete, we’ll help you find your next job. That way you never have to stop working.

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Where Will Your Construction Career Path Take You?

Our national remote staffing division means you get to work on exciting travel construction jobs throughout the U.S. We provide work for industrial jobs and large commercial projects. Jobsites include:

  • Alternative energy/solar
  • Chemical plants
  • Clean up/waste management
  • Conveyer systems
  • Government projects
  • Power plants
  • Refineries
  • Wind turbines

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Safe Jobsites Wherever You Work

When it comes to our clients’ jobsites, safety is always on our mind. That’s why we inspect each and every jobsite for safety issues before you even get started on a project. That way, you worry less about getting injured and focus more on getting the job done. Plus, it helps to know you’re covered by our workers’ comp. insurance. Whether your project is in another city, county or state, you're covered. So if you do end up with a claim, rest assured we’ve got your back.

Build flexibility around your construction career. Apply for travel construction jobs through Contractors & Builders today.